Welcome to Our New Website!

We have been working for months to upgrade our website and app for our favorite singers and we are proud to unveil it to you. Several changes have been made which should help you navigate the site so let’s see what’s new.

We have updated our song submission process and hopefully made it easier for you to utilize. Select SONG REQUEST at the top of any page and you can login using a name and special code you create. Once you do that, you unlock a few new features of the site, which will be explained below. The search function is also improved, much faster and directly links to the database on my computer so when I get a new song, it immediately appears in your search database. There is even a section of NEW SONGS that you can peruse from your own phone that is updated automatically and includes songs added within the last 90 days.

Additionally, many of you have asked if you could follow the song queue live during the shows. Now, you can! Choose CURRENT QUEUE and it will update constantly giving you the order of upcoming singers, what song they are singing and approximate time until their song. For those of you wondering if you have time to use the restroom or step outside, you now will know how long until you get to sing again.

Finally, the last feature is another requested one, and it’s pretty cool. If you are logged in to the SONG REQUEST section, every song you submit is saved under MY SONGS on your own device. This way you can keep a list of your own songs that you choose and easily select them again in the future. It will even tell you how often you have submitted it and the date you last submitted it. If you are one of those singers that regularly sings the same songs, now you can easily find it from your own list and submit it quickly and easily.

We think all of these improvements will help you enjoy Karaoke with Jared & Friends even more and we didn’t think that was even possible! We will be testing the new site tonight at the Great White Buffalo and hoping for a full launch of the site next week. The new app will be available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store in a few weeks, but those of you who use the old app should still get the update once we launch it.

Enjoy and thank you for being a friend!

Jared Cranke
Stillwater’s favorite DJ